Speakers in 2020

Ljubica Pendaroska

Special Adviser to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of North Macedonia

Until now, Ljubica has relentlessly pursued a clear mission in her career: to promote human rights and freedoms.

From EU-wide and NATO projects to UNICEF and her home country, Ljubica has been applying her legal expertise to solving complex challenges around privacy and personal data protection and cybersecurity.

She was also featured in SC Magazine as one of the 50 most influential women in cybersecurity in Europe and we can’t wait for you to meet her!

Presentation: Double it or trouble it? Responsible & healthy ecosystem of personal data

We are living in a time when the virtual world is slowly becoming “the new realistic”, while the digital identity is "replacing" the person's real one! Day by day, the perception of what privacy means has changed, so, it is right to believe that the new generations will not even understand privacy as a concept.

A healthy community rests on a responsible personal data handling and sharing ecosystem. Understanding the impact that each of us has in the data cycle, no matter the role in which we operate would, simultaneously, ensure integrity of the data ecosystem; successful transactions among players based on the idea of shared trust and considerable business potential.

Let your “loud thoughts” surprise and inspire, even yourself!

Gratiela Magdalinoiu

President at ISACA Romania

Gratiela is president of ISACA Romania, leading the local chapter for the past 4 years. In the day by day professional life she is a leadership team member of a key player in the pharmaceutical industry, having a business ethics and compliance role. In addition she is actively supporting the IT & Security Master Msc Program from the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Faculty of Economic Cybernetics, Statistics and Economic Studies, as an adjunct professor.

Her areas of expertise have been broadened during the years, moving from IT & IS audit standards, internal control and best practices to service & business management, internal audit, AML & ABAC frameworks, data privacy and business ethics and compliance.

Presentation: How broken is the broken glass ceiling?

In recent years, discussions around the lack of women representation in different industries and their opportunities for career advancement have become increasingly present and visible. Cultural background, access to education, psychological and social pressure are just some of the aspects which affect the advancement of gender equality.

Due to awareness efforts and initiatives supported by governmental, corporate and academic programs we are witnessing a slow progress towards a more decent balance.

However, the road ahead is long. According to The Economist’s latest glass-ceiling index, “after decades of improvement, progress for women in the workplace has stalled”.

What is the current state, what can be achieved and sustained for the long term, and how can the field of cybersecurity bring additional opportunities for women in the workplace? These are just a few of the topics we aim to address.

Dumitra Dragos

Threat Hunter at CrowdStrike

Dumitra is an InfoSec enthusiast first and professional, just to confirm. With over 4 years of experience in the cyber security field, mostly spent in operations and incident response, one could say she knows the trenches. Her experience gave her the opportunity to hunt both in a Corporate Environment and a Cloud one as well. That not being enough, she also helped build Security services from scratch. Strong believer that anyone passionate about this field can do an awesome job, she decided to go one step further to develop the community and create a new challenge for herself, thus decided to co-found the BSides Bucharest.

Presentation: Containers used and abused in attack chains

Companies are leveraging the true power of cloud offering through container-based microservices deployments. Infrastructures are becoming more elastic and containers were the foundation that took us to the next level. We are not the only ones enjoying the fruits of these innovations, adversaries do it as well. They are brought into play in scenarios ranging from the abuse of poorly configured containers all the way to having entire C2 infrastructures running on Kubernetes. I am inviting you to take a closer look into the how, so we can gain a better understanding of what can help detect and stop them.

Raluca Stanciu

Senior Software Engineer at Bullguard

Raluca is a Senior Software Engineer in the BullGuard Antivirus Team. With an experience of over 10 years in CyberSecurity, she was part of a team which won third national prize at the Imagine Cup 2006 contest in Romania with an ML-based software and has a pending patent on a project created during a 2017 BullGuard Hackathon. Also passionate about full-stack architecture and development, she automated platforms used in the AV-product benchmarking and detection testing. Nowadays she is interested in Public Cloud Security, with a focus on AWS.

Presentation: How Does Identity Impact Your Business?

In a world where “Who am I?” has become the first question to answer when using any software out there, Identity Access Management has become the single source of truth for any company. We will dive into the security strategies which any business should be aware of.

Alexandra Stefanescu

Tech Officer @Code for Romania

Alexandra is a Tech Officer in Code for Romania, full-time, after two years of volunteering her code and good vibes. She has worked as a QA, programmer and incident response engineer. She co-founded Security Espresso. She will talk about security, open source and data leaks with whomever’s willing to listen.

Presentation: Securing Open-Source Projects: a Toolbox

The open-source ecosystem is riddled with tales of leaked credentials on GitHub and malicious libraries with names that shadow popular ones. As though this weren’t enough, the legitimate open-source libraries that so many projects depend on uncover their own sets of weak points and keeping up with the patches can end up being a full-time job. And speaking of jobs, few things rack up anxiety like reviewing a large Pull Request, and wondering whether the code has any unintended side-effect that could weaken the security of your project.

The aim of this talk is to make being an open source contributor and project owner less anxiety-filled and daunting. While no perfect solution exists, I will present you with a toolbox that you can pick and choose from: monitoring solutions, policies you can enforce at Pull Request time, and best practices when working with outside contributors. There is bound to be something inside the toolbox for everyone, regardless of whether your work unfolds under watchful eyes, in public GitHub projects, or not.

Andreea Daniela PREDA

Cyber Security Operations Analyst at Orange Romania

Andreea is currently studying at the IT & C Security Master at CSIE, ASE. Entering the Cyber Security domain has been a great challenge for her as she always found it fascinating. She is the youngest member of the Security Operations Center team within Orange and her current role is Cyber Security Analyst.

Along her education process, she learned and had the chance to work with several programming languages such as C, C++, C#, Java, Python, Assembler, Android for mobile applications development, HTML, CSS, JS, React and Node JS for web development, but also R, EViews or even Excel for statistics analysis and economics related topics, exposing the concepts and ideas into practice by creating ingenious projects. On the infosec side, she discovered and studied topics such as Cryptography, Virus and Antivirus in Assembler, Electronic Signature, Standards and Protocols, Secure Applications Programming in C/C++ and Java, and also some Privacy by Design & Audit course.

Presentation: Growing up SOC

My presentation will cover aspects of how I first learned about cybersecurity and why I choose this career path. I will continue with my motivation focusing on ways to enhance my cyber security skills and how I can and will contribute to growing up a mature SOC, inside Orange Romania, alongside a professional team and with the proper qualified support.

Silvia Stegaru

Co-founder Codette, Software Engineer in Bitdefender's Cyber Threat Intelligence Lab

Dr. Silvia Cristina Stegaru, co-founder of Codette and Software Engineer in Bitdefender's Cyber Threat Intelligence Lab, is a proud supporter of diversity and inclusion. With over 10 years of experience in programs aimed at reducing the gender gap - for all ages, all levels of experience, all tech branches - her activity gained her recognition from the US State Department and as one of the Forbes Romania "30 under 30".

Presentation: TBA

Ena Kurtovic


Ena is currently working as a Penetration Tester in Secura, Amsterdam. She holds a BSc in Electrical Engineering - Telecommunications, and a MSc in Cyber Security. She is an active member of the CyberSec community in the Netherlands. Originally, she comes from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Presentation: How to protect yourself from online threats 100%?

I will hack into your Facebook account and show you how. A story told by a split-personality: one hacker desperately trying to get your personal data, versus one security advisor that is trying to keep you safe.

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